Like cooktops, conventional ovens also come in two varieties: gas and electric. Common problems with both kinds of ovens include failure to heat and failure to differentiate between the bake and broil functions. However, because the apparatus in gas ovens are different from that in electric ovens, the diagnosis and method of repair will be different for each. With electric ovens, the heating element may need repair, and with gas ovens, the supply and ignition of gas will need to be addressed. When your oven does not heat sufficiently or heats unevenly, the door gasket may need repair or replacement. Or the problem with an oven that heats poorly may be a clogged burner. After a few years of use, your oven may also need to have the thermostat recalibrated so that the temperature remains steady. Self-cleaning ovens may lose their capacity to self-clean, necessitating a maintenance visit. Other common problems with ovens include malfunctions with the fan, the clock display, the touch panel, selector switch, and electronic touchpad.

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