The refrigerator is an unquestionable mainstay of modern civilization and the central storage space for the fresh foods we eat every day. If your refrigerator isn't working, your food is likely to spoil, and you are likely to be very unhappy. Don't chance to get food poisoning! If your refrigerator is ailing, or you think it's not quite up to snuff, just give Appliance Repair Technicians inc a call.  Whether you have a high-end, regular, or retro refrigerator, we can thoroughly diagnose and repair your appliance so that it functions properly, which allows you to function properly!

Problems with refrigerators typically involve a failure to adequately regulate the internal temperature and keep your food cool enough. However, there are many other problems that can occur with refrigerators. Maybe your problem is that your refrigerator is too cold, or it stops and starts frequently for no apparent reason. Or, it could be that your refrigerator runs continuously, making loud or strange noises that cause you to wonder if there are gremlins inside eating all your food! Water collecting either inside or outside of the refrigerator is another problem that needs attention. A particularly disturbing problem with refrigerators is when, all of a sudden, there is a terribly unpleasant odor issuing from your refrigerator which permeates your food with a loathsome smell. And no one wants stinky food!  Do not Wait to give us a call.